Watch the World's Longest FART Ever: New Record 2018

There are various bizarre world records that you can find. But, the worlds longest fart ever is something hilarious and one of the most crazy thing to see. Surprisingly a lot of people have attempted to break this record by trying to fart for as long as the can but the record keeps standing tall. Here is the video for the world's longest fart that has been recorded.

Longest Fart Ever Recorded in the World

This fart lasts for an amazing 2 and a half minutes and is the longest one ever recorded. Various people have challenged the authenticity of this video as well as many claim to have broken his record. But, unfortunately there are no solid proof of any of the above allegation. The fart shown in this video is still the one that lasted for most time in the world.
farting guy

The farts are basically fumes and gas from the food being digested in our stomachs. These fumes may or may not stink bad depending on how healthy is your digestive system. An average person farts for about 14 times a day. So are you an average one or better than average. This was an amazing fact about farts, another thing about farts they are made of the following things,

22% hydrogen
58% nitrogen
7.4% methane
3.6% oxygen
8% carbon dioxide
2% hydrogen sulfide (the stinky things)

Tweet this and let your friends know some fart science. Also let them know that the average speed of a fart is about 10 feet per second, isn't that hilarious?

After watching the above video, are you confused about, how that guy set the world record for farting the longest time. There are some other videos that can teach you how you can break that record and up your fart game. We have put another video's link below where you can see how you can set your own record at breaking the wind. Just keep practicing and maybe someday you'll be the greatest farter of the world. Just click here to watch the whole fart training series!!

So, what are you waiting for go and show your friends this hilarious fart video by sharing it on facebook or your twitter and make them laugh. Also don't forget to comment below your own personal fart record, let's see who's the upcoming challenger to this guy.

Loudest and Longest Fart World Record

Along with the long duration, there are many people who claim that they can fart really loud, which can be heard from a lot of distance. The loudness of anything can be measured in terms of decibles or db. And according to various trusted sources, the loudest fart which was ever recorded occurred on May 16, 1972 in Madeline, Texas by Alvin Meshits. The blast reached a level of 194 decibels for one third of a second. Alvin Meshits now has recurring back pain as a result of this extremely loud and long fart. What do you think about that? Sounds crazy, but it is 100% true. Now go out there and up your fart game.

Hope you enjoyed this post about the worlds longest fart ever and would come back to read more cool stuff  again. We like to keep a keen eye on weird world records like this one write about this. If you think there's some other bizarre things like the longest fart world record. Do tell us through the comments section below and we'll consider to write about it.


  1. She’s back with a vengeance and is sharing her session up close. Enjoy spying her brown eye spewing a spectacular array of slow-moving sizzlers that stink up the room, and really put her pucker to task!
    Watch Fart Fantasy Clips

    1. this comment shows aug 2016 date and blog title tells 2018 records.what the fart??


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